Herts Weekend Walkers

Frequently Answered Questions

Where can I find the details of your walks?

All our forthcoming walks are listed on our calendar which can be found at: http://www.ramblers.org.uk/go-walking/find-a-walk-or-route.aspx?group=HF51&tab=walks. Any queries about the walk should be directed to the individual walk leader whose contact details are provided

Do I have to let anyone know if I plan to come on your walks?

It is not necessary to let anyone know - simply turn up on the day about 10 minutes before the walk is due to begin (to allow time to put boots on) and introduce yourself to the leader.

At what time should I arrive for a walk?

We suggest people aim to be at the start of the walk no later than 10 minutes beforehand so that the walk can start promptly

Do I have to be a member of Ramblers to join your walks?

It is not initially necessary to belong to Ramblers to come on our walks. Normally we allow non-members to come on 2-3 walks to try us out before asking that they join up.

How will I recognise the group?

The group will be the people with the walking boots and rucksacks.

How long will the walk take?

It depends on length, terrain, weather and the size of the group, but normally we estimate that we walk at about 2.5 miles per hour. To give a very approximate idea:

Length Approx. time
5 miles 2 hours
6 miles 2½ hours
7 miles 2¾ - 3 hours
8 miles 3 - 3¼ hours
9 miles 3½ hours
10 miles 4 hours
11 miles 4½ hours
12 miles 5 hours

Who leads your walks?

All our walks are led by volunteer members of HWW who walk regularly with the group and give up their own time to plan and lead them. The walks are listed on the Ramblers website and additional details are sent out weekly to our members by email.

Can you send me a copy of your walks programme?

We operate as a paperless group and we do not have a printed calendar.  Our walks programme can be seen on our website and it is regularly updated, often at short notice.

Can I bring my dog on your walks?

Our walks calendar at http://www.ramblers.org.uk/go-walking/find-a-walk-or-route.aspx?group=HF51&tab=walks indicates on which walks dogs are permitted. Please note that allowing dogs is down to the discretion of individual walk leaders and not all HWW walks may allow dogs - if you are unsure you would need to check with each leader at the time.

We insist that your dogs are kept under close control and kept on leads on roads, near livestock or sensitive wildlife, where the terrain requires careful footwork and wherever the law or other official regulations require it. You should ensure that your dogs do not alarm other people and you must clean up after them.  

Are children allowed on your walks?

We do not normally see children on our walks as we are an adult walking group.  Children must be accompanied by a responsible adult.

What should I bring with me?

In general terms, all that is essential is a waterproof coat, warm jacket (depending on the temperature), sturdy waterproof shoes or walking boots, and some water to drink.  Some people like to use walking poles but they are not usually necessary in Hertfordshire. You may also wish to bring a snack (such as fruit, a snack bar or a sandwich) and a packed lunch for all-day walks.

For further information have a look at the ramblers 'Get Walking' website at http://www.getwalking.org.

Is there an age limit for membership of Herts Weekend Walkers?

No, but the group's activities are intended to appeal to people with busy working lives aged in their 40s and 50s who want to walk with like-minded people.

Are there car-share options for walks involving quite a bit of travel?

Sadly not, as our members are spread across the entire county of Hertfordshire and beyond. Once you get to know more people in the group, there may be the option to car share then. If you do share transport to a walk, always offer to split the cost with the driver. It is not the responsibility of HWW or its walk leaders to organise transport to and from walks.



Monday, December 10, 2018